Best Alternative to Amazon Fire TV Stick 2019-20

Roku 4 alternatives to Amazon Fire Stick

While the normal TV Channels are not enough to suffice our entertainments needs, there are now other means for the seamless entertainments available in the market. While the internet is now on everyone’s grasp, it is no wonder that most of the latest means of entertainment are connected to the internet. So, to enjoy internet connectivity for an extended reach of entertainment and digital media and video streaming, there is the most popular Amazon Fire TV stick is available around the world. Amazon Fire TV stick is dependable, durable, easy to get an easy to operate for seamless entertainment.

But the question is also rising that if Amazon Fire TV Stick is doing a kind of monopoly business in its field, then the answer is no off course not. So, to answer the question and also to provide you with some viable options which are worthy substitutes of Amazon fire TV stick here we list some of them below, with their pros and cons.

1Apple TV

Apple TV alternative to Amazon Fire Stick


  • Seamless Airplay Support
  • The Apple TV works seamlessly and can be used for streaming from any Apple devices.
  • Simple Consistent UI, ease of use
  • All apps need to conform to the Apple TV UI, meaning they all act similarly.


  • Remote is very easy to lose, because of the size factor
  • The remote is incredibly small and can easily be crushed under the feet accidentally.
  • Compared to newer internet TV options, the Apple TV package is a lot less powerful and has fewer capabilities, such as not supporting games or voice search.


Chromecast alternative to FireStick 4K


  • Pretty modest for the quality and office you get
  • Chromecast costs just $35 which makes the overhead to hop into the environment really insignificant on the shopper’s part.
  • Does the entire preparing part on an alternate gadget, so it works quickly with less slack.
  • Unlike other set-top boxes, the Chromecast just takes in a video stream in VP8 or H.264 design and can stream that video either straightforwardly from the supplier itself, or through a gadget that procedures video to those organizations. Since everything is done on an alternate gadget, you won’t have to overhaul the Chromecast as regularly as other set-top boxes, and anybody can play content from their telephones, tablets, or PCs.
  • With the number of applications accessible on the Play Store, seeing that an SDK is accessible for any of them to utilize implies that an enormous swath of applications can and do utilize Chromecast making for an exceptionally huge biological system for what is a really modest spilling gadget.
  • Available SDK implies any application can use Chromecast.
  • With the number of applications accessible on the Play Store, seeing that an SDK is accessible for any of them to utilize implies that a huge swath of applications can and do utilize Chromecast making for an exceptionally enormous environment for what is a quite modest spilling gadget.
  • Easily bolster numerous groups of Wi-Fi
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi support with 2.4GHz and 5GHz considers simple association with various switches, along these lines nobody is forgotten about with a non-perfect gadget just as help for quicker speeds which is useful with HD content.
  • Simple to utilize once arrangement.
  • Once the gadget is set up, utilizing Chromecast is direct. Simply click the cast symbol from inside applications or projects to stream it to your TV.


  • Limited OS support
  • The gadget is intended for Windows, OSX, Android and iOS. Linux support is restricted and Windows Phone support is non-existent.
  • Somewhat long arrangement process.
  • To set up Chromecast, join it to your TV, download the Chromecast application on your host gadget, pair it, associate the Chromecast to your Wi-Fi, trust that the updates will download and from that point, you are prepared to cast.
  • Can be charged utilizing TVs USB port
  • If you have a USB port on your TV, you can utilize that to charge the Chromecast. The Chromecast is charged through a standard small-scale USB port.
  • Colour decisions accessible for simple coordinating or inclinations
  • The gadget has red, yellow and dark alternatives which considers one to coordinate a portion of their different gadgets in their parlour just as offers a decision to be a greater amount of a person through a shading choice.

3Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV


  • 4K and HDR visuals look incredible
  • Cinema-quality audio
  • Redesigned remote
  • GeForce Now cloud streaming is a game-changer
  • Controller actually feels good.
  • Remote is bundled in the box
  • Decent game streaming performance


  • GeForce Now streaming requires a subscription and additional purchases
  • Not so great for heavy-duty Android games
  • No big internal hardware changes
  • Not that much cheaper than a game console


4Roku 4

Roku 4 alternatives to Amazon Fire Stick


  • Good 4K support
  • Offers the best selection of content
  • Roku comes with more than 1800 entertainment channels.
  • Built-in voice search
  • Headphone jack in the remote
  • Roku remote also supports all types of headphones and earphones, to make sure personal entertainment without disturbing anyone else.
  • Companion mobile app
  • Roku comes with a companion iOS and Android apps.
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Roku’s interface is fairly upfront.
  • The remote is also Motion control capable
  • Universal search
  • Roku’s search will look done all obtainable services and offer outcomes in one place. You don’t have to search through each app separately to find what you’re looking for. It also recalls your previous quests.


  • If you don’t want 4K content, Roku 3 might get you more bang for the buck
  • It is better to get Roku 3 instead of 4 as the Roku 4 is 4K but the price is quite high where 4K content on TV is fairly uncommon even at the dawn of 2020.
  • Voice search is somewhat basic

5Synology DiskStation (optional)

In case you have a Synology NAS box then you can get somewhat streaming like Firestick, however, this is not an exactly alternative and here just for knowledge.


  • Complete sight and sound stage
  • The DSM incorporates bundles for sound, video and picture administrations. You can sort out the entirety of your media inside the DiskStation and access it with your program, the system, FTP, WebDAV and considerably more. You can even stream your media by means of the Internet
  • Enterprise highlights like LDAP and Active Directory support
  • There are a ton of highlights that encourages you to execute the DiskStation into your IT foundation. The DiskStation’s help LDAP and Active Directory to associate with existing servers or host another one.


  • Easy-to-utilize interface in any event, for matured individuals
  • Every Synology DiskStation is dispatched with the DSM, the Linux based interface. You can get to it through your program and design and direct the DiskStation. There are various highlights for a ton of issues who need to be tackled.
  • Access your information all over the place
  • It doesn’t make a difference where you will be: you can get to ll your information through the web utilizing the Synology Cloud Services. Another element is the Dropbox-like customer based synchronize between your DiskStation and different gadgets like your Mac, Windows PC or even your cell phone.


The above options are already available in the market and there are a couple more other who are looming for launch. Choose anyone with for the device which is available for you. Before getting any of these pay attention to the subscription tariffs and the shows and movies you get from that as well. If the price of the subscription does not suffice the content you get, then it is not worth it. If your goal is to watch access Netflix or Amazon by any means only then remember you can do so directly using your laptop or smartphone. Consider getting any of these if you still feel that TV is the pinnacle of entertainment back at your place.


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