Software Best Remix OS Alternatives for PC to run Android...

Best Remix OS Alternatives for PC to run Android X86


Software Best Remix OS Alternatives for PC to run Android X86

Best Remix OS Alternatives for PC to run Android X86

Alternatives to Remix OS – It was an operating system based on Android-x86 which was designed to use on laptops and desktops. It was available in two forms one was Remix OS player and the other one was Remix OS for PC. The player was same like our Bluestack, MEmu and NoxPlayer Android emulators while the Remis OS version was available in ISO format that can be installed directly on any Windows PC in order to be able to use Android apps in a single window. Although it is discontinued Android X86 PC OS, the user can download the old version from  Note: Remix OS was not an open-source Android OS.

Remix OS comes from the Hong Kong-based company Jide, was technically highly customized, created to become an alternative to Windows or Linux on desktop computers. It is becuase Remix OS offers a kind of taskbar, start menu and a window mode so that multiple apps can be operated side by side in their own windows, instead of usual only in full-screen mode.

Now, finally, we know Remix OS is not anymore and if you are looking for the best alternative then here are some…

Android-x86 project -alternative

Android-x86 project

Android -X86 project is one of the best Remix OS alternatives for Windows PC. It is free and open source Android OS that offers compatibility to both 32-bit and 64-bit PC systems.

It offers Windows OS like look and feel, which the user can enable by adding the Taskbar as launcher available in Android x6 project.

The user can create a USB bootable drive of its ISO image to install on PC or Laptop. It supports both mouse and keyboard.

See its installation on PC or VirtualBox: Android X86 project.

Phoenix OS- Android alternative OS for PC

Phoenix OS- Android OS for PC

Phoenix OS is another best alternative to Remix OS both in terms of quality and ease of usage. It offers Windows 10 like interface to manage Android apps on the PC or laptop with integrated Google Play store option like Android x86 project. It supports multi-windows, mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, the Shortcut keys support like Ctrl+C, Win+D, Alt+Tab, and Alt+F4; AD blocker, LAN, Octopus support for Pubg and other games; dual instances of apps and more…

Download: Phoenix OS

BlissOS- alternative

BlissOS- alternative

BlissOS is another Open Source OS alternative for Remix OS which based on Android x86 project too but with additional features, especially for gaming. For gamers, its developers integrated a solution called Octopus which allow users to map on-screen controls with gamepads, mouses, keyboard, developed by the Phoenix OS team.  The look and feel of the OS is also very familiar. and available for PC, Laptops, smartphones and Tablets.

Download and its installation process: BlissOS

OpenThos Android OS

OpenThos Android OS alternative

OpenThos is a complete package of Android-based operating system for PC both by interface and ease of usage. In this list of alternatives, this provides is a very close interface to Windows and one of the best replacements for Remix OS. It is a fork of Android X86 and free to use. It comes with all major applications of Android needed such as music player, Office suite, recorder, Terminal and more…

See our article on the installation of OpenThos 


prime OS Android alternative to Remix OS

PrimOS has been developed by an Indian developer especially for gaming purposes that’s why it supports the Octopus to map on-screen controls with gamepad, mouse and keyboard. It supports a wide range of Inter and AMD processor both 32-bit and 6bit.

Unlike the Android x86 project and other Remix OS alternatives, it offers a handful of apps pre-installed such as Instagram, Gmail, Pinterest, G-drive, Ludo King, Skype and more… It is available in three versions Standard, Classic and Mainline.

Download: PrimeOS


CloudReady Android OS alternative

In case you don’t want an Android OS on your PC then you can use full-fledged free CloudReady OS based on Chromium OS that has been used to build Google Chrome OS. Yes, it doesn’t support Android apps like Chromebook but a user can install all Chrome Apps and add-ons that are available in huge numbers to increase productivity.

Learn how to download and install on PC or VM: CloudReady and CloudReady USB maker

Trivia: 3 Best CloudReady Alternative OS

Bluestack to replace Remix OS player

Bluestack alterantive to remix OS player

It is not an Android X86 OS but a wonderful alternative to Remix OS player. It is an emulator for the Windows operating system to emulate complete Android OS for installing different apps and games. You can download and start it directly from Windows 10/7/8 operating system without compromising the host OS. It is also available for MacOS.

Learn how to install Bluestack and Android apps over it.


MEmu alternatives

Just like Bluestack, the MEmu is another popular Android emulator available for Windows. It is slightly better than the Bluestack in terms of performance. Available to free download and supports hundreds of games including PUBG. For business puporses, it offers an enterprise version too that is paid.

Download: Memu

Nox App Player

Nox App Player alternatives

Another most popular Android emulator as an alternative to Remix OS player for Windows after Bluestack and MEmu. It is freely available for both Windows and MacOS. Fast and smooth support keyboard and mouse like some native Android operating system.

Download Nox Player

Verdict for best Remix OS alternatives

So, these are some best replacement to both Remix OS and player. You can use them directly on your PC, however, still, some of them performance wise not that much profound and some glitches always be there.

Other Alternatives:

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