Software Alfred for Windows: Few similar apps to Mac's Alfred

Alfred for Windows: Few similar apps to Mac’s Alfred


The internet is easily accessible to us nowadays, and whatever we need to know is just a click away, and sometimes, we don’t need to click, as well, with a smart assistant just waiting for us to ask something. Well, even if you aren’t lucky enough to have a smart assistant, you can always search for things you need by opening your favourite web browser. However, on a Mac, things are even easier with Alfred, where you can search the web, search for files or other contents locally, do some small calculations, or carry out some other simple activities right from one place.

However, for Windows, Alfred is not available, thus here are some software those can be used to get Alfred like features on Windows to increase productivity. Indeed, not exactly but still we don’t have any other option.


Wox looks more or less like Alferd for Windows where you can customize every single thing on the program. There are different colour schemes available for Wox to make the program look exactly the way you want, and configuring the program is very easy at the same time.

Wox is open-source, and it is improving every single day to offer you more functionalities across the board. One can extend the capabilities of Wox by using plugins available for it.



The Ueli as Alfred for Windows alternative is very easy to set up, and you can even change the shortcut key combination to launch the Ueli box. Ueli is quite lightweight, and my personal favourite, however, the only problem is, it has a high impact on start-up, as per Windows Task Manager.

But I didn’t find any significant delay in a start-up with Ueli configured to run on start-up. As Ueli don’t have confusing settings to configure, I will surely recommend it, if you don’t have enough technical know-how.



KeyPirinha Is a lightweight Alfred alternative for Windows 10/8/7, which is a simple portable app. We can install it on Windows 10 or 7 using the Chocolatey package manager. The availability of third-party packages for it helps us to increase its capabilities to make it one step closer to Alfred for Windows to increase productivity.

Besides the ability to launch apps, search for files and do most other simple tasks, you can even execute commands within a certain app to make your job even simpler.


Cerebro app

Although this app doesn’t get updated for quite some time now, however, we used it on Windows 10 and it worked fine in our case. Cerebro App is an open-source productivity booster tool. If you’re looking for some additional set of functionalities, Cerebro App can come in handy for you, as it can also bring search results from the web just below the search box on Cerebro App.

However, the only problem with Alfred alternative for Windows is that Cerebro app doesn’t have a functionality to stop the program from bringing search results from the web and even a very small mistake in the spelling of the search keyword can mess things up. Cerebro app is worth giving a try, as it can turn out to be your favourite for the special functionality to bring search results from the web without the aid of a web browser. 


Other Alternatives:

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