Lifestyle Quick and Easy Alternatives of Plastic in our Daily...

Quick and Easy Alternatives of Plastic in our Daily life


Lifestyle Quick and Easy Alternatives of Plastic in our Daily life

Quick and Easy Alternatives of Plastic in our Daily life

The main problem with plastic bags, bottles and other plastic households things are they are not biodegradable and they are responsible for causing a variety of problems related to your health and environment. So, there are a variety of options which are provided above if you want to swap plastic bags with some eco-friendly options. The options provided above are both biodegradable, eco-friendly and they do not harm your health and environment in any way and also easily available in the market. So, here are a few suggestions to replaces things that we use in our daily use in the form of plastic.

Steel/Glass containers for pantry staples

Steel Glass containers for pantry staples

Instead of buying anything like cereals or pasta in individual boxes on a daily basis you can save your money and plastic if you shop from your stores in large amount and store them in this glass containers which are having stainless steel coverings. You also do not need to worry about pulling them from high shelves because they are not made entirely of glass and you still get to know how much is left in those cans because their body is transparent.

Disposable wooden cutlery

Disposable wooden cutlery

If you are going party or occasion where you want to use plastic disposals then wait there is an alternative to that which wooden cutlery that is disposable too. It is also compostable. These utensils are not only 100% biodegradable but are also FDA approved.

A glass cold brew or a tea brewer

A glass cold brew or a tea brewer

You can easily get many plastic options which are cheap but for making cold iced coffee, a coffee maker made of glass is highly preferred because of its safety looks, durability and also for its taste. You can make your own tea and coffee at your home very easily and it also looks great while using it.

Steel composite beam

This kind of stainless steel composite beams will look good in your kitchen counter and it is also easily replaceable. Charcoal filter helps in controlling odours very naturally.

Glass meal prep containers

Glass meal prep containers

Instead of buying plastic containers you can choose containers which are made of glass if you want a non-toxic solution and that is easier for carrying any dish and it will also look great in your cabinets. If you want something that you can throw around a little more then you can buy a set of stainless steel food containers.

Organic bamboo cutting board

Organic bamboo cutting board

You can buy a large cutting board which is made of bamboo complete with a groove. This kind of boards are eco-friendly products for your kitchen and it also looks great in your home than any other plastic cutting board. Bamboo cutting boards are durable and you can get these boards at a reasonable price in the market. They are also knife friendly and are having side handles.

A metal juicer

A metal juicer

Instead of buying citrus fruit juices from market to add it in your cooking you can use a metal juicer to make fruit juices and in that way, you can eliminate using plastic bottles in your kitchen. Freshly squeezed fruit juices taste even better than those plastic bottle juices.

Bamboo hairbrush

Bamboo hairbrush
images source: dhresource

Instead of using plastic hair brushes you can switch over to bamboo hair brush. This will not only improve your hair texture but will also allow air circulation through the pad and water gets drained very easily from your hair because it is designed in a way where one bristle is missing.


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